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Introducing Benchmarks+, Mobile Gaming Intelligence from 1.2b Monthly Players

Introducing Benchmarks+, the first mobile market intelligence platform with real-world retention and engagement insights for the top 5% of performance, across all genres and metrics.

On November 21st, we launched our new, much anticipated and requested, mobile gaming intelligence platform called Benchmarks+. For years studio heads, publishers, and investors have asked us about market trends and KPI changes. Now finally there’s an easy way to learn how the performance of top games is changing, without having to spend 8 hours in a conference hall. Neat, isn’t it?  😁

To create Benchmarks+ we analyse our entire network of +88,000 mobile games, +45,000 studios, and every month more than 1.2 billion players, 16 billion sessions, and 150 million transactions. It’s not only a very good picture of the mobile gaming industry, it’s the best you can get. This makes Benchmarks+ the largest industry-wide tool to deliver real, accurate insights on KPIs like retention, session length, ARPPU, and ARPDAU, and a level of unprecedented insight into each app store genre.

In the platform you’ll be able to see aggregated data and trends for the top 5%, 10%, and 20% of the best performing titles, across 16+ major mobile game genres and sub-genres. In short, it will be easier than ever to answer this fundamental question: how is my mobile game or studio performing, compared to others in the same genre?

In this post, we’ll share everything you need to know about Benchmarks+, and how exactly you can use this tool to predict trends, optimise your games’ performance, and make better decisions for your titles and studios. If you’re a data driven decision maker in the mobile gaming space, this one’s for you 💪.

Current features and capabilities

The market is now changing so quickly that waiting 6 months for a benchmarks report is simply not good enough. This year alone, we saw a significant drop in Retention D1 & D7, across all game tiers, with top performing games affected the most. Decisions that made sense with last year’s KPIs might be a bad idea today.

This is why we’ve built Benchmarks+ to be an interactive performance analysis tool that looks at mobile game KPIs week by week – to keep you in the loop. You’ll get access to real-world data on a variety of metrics like Retention (D1, D7, D28), Session Length, Stickiness, Conversion, ARPPU, ARPDAU – all of going as far back as 2016, so you can see both micro and macro trends clearer than ever before.

Once you selected the metric you’re interested in, you’ll be able to visualize data in a variety of ways, including a benchmarks snapshot, historical timeline, and in a heatmap to pick out individual stats. You’ll also be able to pick and choose from up to 16 different genres across the casual, classic, and mid-core categories.

We’ve also sliced our data up further, to give you access to insights in a variety of quantiles – from the bottom 25% of game performance, all the way up to the superstar titles. So now, you can accurately compare your KPIs to the industry and learn how your title or studio is truly performing.

What’s coming next: H1 2020

We’ve got big plans for the future and a ton of feature requests already. We plan to bring these to you as soon as possible. Here are just a few in the pipeline:

  • Options to filter all metrics and data by country level
  • Options to filter all metrics and data by platform (iOS/Android)
  • Additional advertising metrics (i.e. CPI, eCPM, LTV)
  • More metrics on demand (i.e. D14, Playtime, Session Frequency)
  • More specific sub-genres (i.e. FPS, hyper-casual, idle games)
  • Fixed date picker with daily-level granularity

30% discount until 5th December

To celebrate the launch of Benchmarks+, we’re offering a 30% discount for all users who sign up within the first two weeks. You’ll get 6-month access to all of the above features alongside any additional features released after launch… and you’ll have first-say in the product roadmap (through an inbuilt voting system) 😉

All the information about Benchmarks+ is available here. For any other questions, ping us an email at insights@gameanalytics.com and we’ll get right back to you. We’re very excited to take this forward and make it an essential tool for your weekly routine. We’re also always happy to hear your thoughts on what to improve.

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