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Game Explorer has landed in Benchmarks+

Introducing the Game Explorer. A simple yet powerful search functionality, designed to help you find a specific title or dig through thousands of games at once.

Product update: Benchmarks+ is now a part of GameIntel (25th May 2021)

We’ve launched GameIntel, a new and improved mobile intelligence offering which from today will be the new home for Benchmarks+. There’s a ton of new features, functions, and capabilities you can dig into here. You can find all of the details about it here.


Update from 23rd Feb 2021: 

Strap on your hiking boots and equip your telescope, we’re here with yet another big update to Benchmarks+. Say hello to Game Explorer, where you can now search for specific games across a range of criteria. Including 100k+ sub-genres to make your market research more precise and relevant.

You can now easily discover games in specific genres or sub-genres that reached a certain position in the charts, or even specific titles released by a particular publisher. Want to find the highest-ranking Idle, FPS, or Sandbox games released last year? Well, now you can.

There’s a ton of ways you can use this new feature. From competitor tracking, targeting for advertising, or even just ramping up your general product research. So adventurer, what are you waiting for? Jump into Benchmarks+ and start exploring. Or keep reading on to get all of the details.

What’s new in version 3.2

Discover new hit games with the Game Explorer Tool

Our brand new Game Explorer means you can now dive deeper into your competitor and game research, with even more accurate and relevant results. Perform mass search across the app store for genre, sub-genre, game performance, specific app info, and even publisher info.

With over 100k games tagged, this simple but powerful market search tool will help you unlock better competitor tracking and product research. And this is just the beginning. We have some big updates for this feature coming soon (so keep your eyes peeled on our future updates).

So how does it work?

Log in to your Benchmarks+ account and look at the left menu. You’ll then see the new tab ‘Game Explorer’. Once there, you can pick and choose your search criteria using the left interface. Once you’re happy with your options, hit search and you’ll see all of the relevant titles on the right.

App release log added

In our last update, we released our Top Charts beta (a place where you can see ranking data for the top games in the app store, alongside an overview page for each specific game). We’re adding more capabilities to this feature, and to kick things off, we’ve just released the ‘app release log’.

You can now see a specific game’s typical release schedule, and take a closer look at any changes they’ve made to screenshots, icons, or copy. Head to a specific game, scroll to its update log, and click on ‘release cycle’ to see the details.

More dynamic searching

We’ve improved our search functionality. Meaning you can now see a dedicated list of relevant searches, and even filter by genre, sub-genre, release date, and rank.

In case you missed it

We’ve been busy bees here at GameAnalytics. You can catch up with our last update here, but if you’re in a rush, then here’s a quick summary to get you up to speed:

  • We released Top Charts: where you can view a detailed ranking of the top 500 games in the iOS App Store.
  • We added overview pages: for around roughly 250k games. You can see their metadata, ranking history, overall ratings, game details, and more.
  • And we added sub-genres into ranking data: we tagged more than 100k games with sub-genres, so you can do more granular research and filtering.
  • We also added VIP accounts for multiple users (get in touch if you’re interested).

What’s coming next?

If you’ve been following Benchmarks+ for a while, then you’ll know that there are plenty more updates to come. We have some pretty big plans in the pipeline. And if there’s something in particular you would like us to work on next, then you can vote on your favorite features here.

But for now, head into our free version and start exploring our new features. Or upgrade today to unlock all the features and capabilities in Benchmarks+.

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