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The GameAnalytics-PlayMaker Integration Got Better

At Unite 2013, GameAnalytics and PlayMaker teamed up to provide official support for projects using both plugins. This mutual effort revolved around a tighter integration of PlayMaker, and a full remake of the GameAnalytics breakout game example in PlayMaker.

Tight integration and auto detection

Built in the GameAnalytics Package, PlayMaker is automatically detected, and will prompt the developer to enable the GameAnalytics actions, making them available and usable with no additional download. This greatly enhances the developer’s experience, as it removes the need to actively advertise for this support. The first time GameAnalytics and PlayMaker are detected, a simple dialog will popup to ask the developer if PlayMaker actions should be enabled.

Each Playmaker action is documented online, and you can access that by clicking the little blue icon next to it. You will notice that it also conveniently links to the related GameAnalytics documentation.

In the video below, I’m showcasing just how easy the two plugins work together:


GameAnalytics Breakout Example, now available as a full PlayMaker solution

The GameAnalytics package comes with a simple Breakout game, to demonstrate implementation. This example was totally reworked in PlayMaker, without any scripting involved, showing how to use GameAnalytics within PlayMaker. Moreover, as the game logic behind it was done with PlayMaker, this example also serves as a showcase for developers to learn how to make games using PlayMaker.

We’ve made available an online help page, explaining each logic used for the BreakOut PlayMaker remake, as well as the design processes and considerations. Usage of GameAnalytics is, of course, covered and explained in detail. You can access the documentation on the PlayMaker website.

The PlayMaker breakout example comes as a sub-package inside the GameAnalytics SDK, and developers will be prompted whether they want to enable the assets related to that example or not, in the same way PlayMaker actions are presented. This prevents cluttering the projects assets with unnecessary examples when in production, yet it makes it always promptly available, without effort, when learning.


Make sure you use the PlayMaker forum to ask questions on the GameAnalytics integration, seek advice, or if you have ideas on possible new actions to accelerate development and integration. We’ll love to hear about your projects and games as well, so don’t hesitate to showcase your work, too.