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Our Open Beta has landed

That’s right, you can now access one of the biggest updates we’ve ever released. To do so, all you need to do is switch to our Open Beta. Watch the demo to learn all about the future direction of GameAnalytics with this major new version.

What’s going on?

If  you missed it before, we recommend that you check out this post we shared a few days ago for more context: GameAnalytics is changing…

As promised, we will now deliver more detail on the Open Beta. We’ve included a video introduction and also a list of all major features describing what functionality is delivered initially and what additions to expect over the following months.

See it in action

In this video, Kasia from our product team gives a detailed overview of all the new functionality available in our Open Beta. It covers all key features — please give it a watch to get the most out of this update!

What is the Open Beta?

The Open Beta is a period of time when a new and separate version of GameAnalytics is available whilst features are being finalised for a full release (called V3). All of your current games will be available in the Open Beta version and any changes will propagate across both versions (for example any admin or settings changes like renaming a game title).

When will the Open Beta end?

We’re committed to ensuring that GameAnalytics V3 is running smoothly before we release it, so there’s no end-date set in stone. We will make this decision based on user-feedback, but we expect the Open Beta to last 2-4 months, so into Q1 2023 at the latest. Once the Open Beta period ends then the updated V3 will become the default.

We know how difficult it can be when reliable tools suddenly change so, rest assured, we are making the existing (legacy V2.5) experience available well into 2023. We’ll keep you posted.

How to access V3?

The Open Beta switcher can be accessed via the Home screen and will open in a new browser tab.

How can you help?

We need your feedback to build better features!  Within the Open Beta,  you have the opportunity to give feedback via this callout. You can also see and upvote suggestions made from other users.

Please do get involved! Your input matters a lot and helps us shape GameAnalytics for the better.

What to expect?

You will see a lot of improvements, but also certain features still lacking parity with our existing offering. Don’t worry, though, this is just the first phase. We have many improvements scheduled over the coming months and we will keep listening and improving for years to come.

We have even more planned features being developed for release during 2023, but that is for another time. For now, we very much hope you like the new direction of GameAnalytics.


What’s included, and what’s coming up

Take a look below to learn about all of the newly added functionality, along with some areas that you should still consider WIP, especially at the early stages of the Open Beta


Added functionality available in Open Beta

  • Rebuilt Funnels feature to deliver results in seconds compared to 20-25mins.
  • Progression funnel-type introduced delivering more insights related to completion ratios.
  • Bulk step creation. When selecting more than 1 value for a funnel step (e.g. 10 level names) it can be easily converted into separate steps.

Pending functionality WIP during Open Beta

  • Saving Funnels and listing all saved Funnels.
  • Easier bulk-selection of values (e.g. levels) to create steps.

Note: funnels created and saved in the previous version will not carry over to the new version of Funnels.

Explore Tool

Added functionality available in Open Beta

  • Restructured how queries are created to better align with underlying data and events, delivering a more intuitive experience with more metrics and filtering options.
  • Many aggregation types possible across event types. For example mean-per-session or mean-per-user for almost all metrics.
  • GroupBy and SplitBy connected in a more intuitive experience.
  • Filters allowing a nested AND/OR definition and supporting filter excludes.
  • Additional new filters like ‘First Build’ and ‘SDK Version’.

Pending functionality WIP during Open Beta

  • Data table.
  • Export data.
  • Annotations.
  • Comparison of 2 metrics and 2 date periods.
  • Advanced metrics like Retention, ARPDAU, Win/Loss Ratio.

Note: queries created in the previous version will not carry over to the new version of Explore Tool.


Added functionality available in Open Beta

  • Dashboards fully rebuilt to allow all Explore Tool extended query options.
  • Create, Edit, Save and List dashboards.
  • Widget creation supporting Line-chart and Bar-chart.

Pending functionality WIP during Open Beta

  • Save and Load dashboards from backend (not local storage).
  • Predefined dashboards for easy access.
  • Filtering of all widgets when viewing a dashboard.
  • More widget types (single digit, pie chart + more).

Note: Dashboards created in the previous version will not carry over to the new version of Dashboards.


Added functionality available in Open Beta

  • Introducing features from GameIntel to better research market Benchmarks and trends.
  • Market data for Retention, Engagement, Monetization, Advertising.
  • The following will be disabled in Open Beta:
    • Top 2-15% quantiles.
    • No (recent) data reported for 2022.


Added functionality available in Open Beta

  • Faster access to previous games:
    • Recently accessed list of game
    • Recently created games on Organization
  • Overview of Organization key metrics.
  • Product updates and content from Gameanalytics.


Added functionality available in Open Beta

  • Filter the live feed of events by user_id (device id) making it much easier to debug an integration and only view events from the relevant test device.
  • Error reporting is now displaying ‘users affected’ per error in addition to count.


Added functionality available in Open Beta

  • Weighted mean to totals.
  • User count display alongside ratio numbers to understand sample size.

Game Selection

Added functionality available in Open Beta

  • New game selection modal added, allowing quick access to all games available for a user.
  • A way to quickly open recently accessed games.
  • Pagination added to avoid loading all games at once, resulting in significant performance improvement for users working in larger studios.
  • Responsive design improvements to automatically adjust screen height to view as many games as possible.
  • Filter by studio and search by title.
  • Pinned games list.
  • Sorting by columns (e.g. title, created date).

Pending functionality WIP during Open Beta

  • Advanced filtering (e.g. by platform).
  • Data column showing DAU per game.

Creating Organizations, Studios and Games

Added functionality available in Open Beta

  • Guided experience with contextual help to understand what is being created.
  • Seamless creation flow to set up all resources one needs to get started with analytics (Organization → Studio → Game).

Pending functionality WIP during Open Beta

  • Step to invite users when creating an Organization.


Added functionality available in Open Beta

  • Introducing a centralized Organisation settings area for accessing resources (games/studios/users).
  • Archived games management.
  • Games/Studios list and settings pages.
  • Lists to manage all users with Organization access and their permissions.
  • View your personal profile and the profile of other users (with the right permissions).

Pending functionality WIP during Open Beta

  • Invite users to Games, Studios and Organizations.
  • Improvements on additional columns (e.g. DAU for game list) and sorting/filtering.